Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Haredim Hate Microchips

Today's post is is yet another in my ongoing series, "Religious Jews in Israel are Crazy."  Today, a crowd of Haredim protested outside an Intel plant in Jerusalem because it is open on Saturdays.  They are angry because this violates the Sabbath.  Never mind that no one is forcing them to work there and all workers are employed at will.  Yet again, the Haredim are consumed by the fear that someone, somewhere, is sinning.
An Intel spokesperson threatened that "If there are continued protests or delays in manufacturing at the Jerusalem plant, the company will be forced to close it and may also decide to leave Israel in the end."  This would hurt many Israelis and set a terrible precedent.  But the Haredim don't really care because A) this wouldn't negatively impact them at all and B) their religious beliefs outweigh economic concerns, especially the economic concerns of others.  At least they aren't protesting because public parking lots are open on Saturdays.  I guess they decided to skip a week and choose a different target.

I hate to admit this, but tea party protests seem relatively sane in comparison.  The Haredim protest nearly every weekend because of ostensible violations of the Sabbath.  Apparently, flipping a light switch or driving a car is forbidden on Saturday because it's work of some sort but spending hours fighting with police and throwing rocks is totally fine.  Sheesh.


  1. If I were to witness a Haredim throwing a rock at a policemen, I would punch them. I can fight on Shabbat, it is an Oneg for me. I do it out of love for Jews. I love them so much I want to teach them a lesson.

    I had rocks thrown at me once as a kid, it wasn't nice. It never happened again.

    Why can't they instead of protesting and causing anger in the world to make a positive difference and teach kids why they don't flip light switches on Shabbat?

    Do we not get to go to heaven if we change the course of electricity on Shabbat? Really...

  2. isn't protesting also violating the sabbath?

  3. @Amy: I think that's the irony/hypocrisy Matt's trying to point out!

    Someone, somewhere is sinning! Panick!!

  4. I think there should be an Israeli band called "Panic! At the Kotel".