Monday, June 21, 2010


"Reckoning" birthed itself, as most worthwhile ideas do.  I had been sitting at my computer all day, taunted by a blank screen and terrible dead-end beginnings.  So, in desperation, I turned to an old exercise from a high school writing class; I re-imagined a childhood memory.  It was easy to find the right one since my writing room is frigid.

The next step was to find out what kind of person would have such a memory.  Sean came into being, and I pitied and admired him from the start.  He is not an exceptional man (except for his outstanding navigational skills) but he is a good man.  Unlike some of the other characters, he does not desire glory or power.  He is not suited for extraordinary times, although those are the times in which he lives.

This week, please enjoy the first section of "Reckoning."  Taste the bite of its dead air; blink back the blinding light of its endless winter.  We won't stay there forever.  Next week, we'll head back in time, to the beginning of The End.

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